Spring Sing 2016

Rasmuson Theater
April 30

Jersey Transit

JerseyTransit is thrilled to be back in our Nation’s Capital, and during a Presidential election year, to boot! Between rehearsing, gigging, having more babies and putting together our paperwork for our Canadian emigration (to occur on January 20, 2017), it’s been a busy, hectic time.

Nicole is still our Music Director and Fitness Ambassador, but for some reason can’t get the group to start rehearsals with 100 push-ups. Victor remains our President and is so good at it that if the Canada thing doesn’t work out we’re going to write him in on the ballot in November. Adam became a dad for the third time, which explains the slightly panicked look on his face. Andrea, Kim and Amanda formed AKA LLC, a vaguely sinister choreography company that uses threats of embarrassing costumes if we mess up our dance moves. Howie continues to break frequent flier mile records with his travels; he’s aiming for a moon trip on Richard Branson’s space shuttle. Landy is keeping us honest as our recording secretary, and her literal pen proves pens still exist. Laura is back this year but don’t blink or you’ll miss her—she has to race in and out because she actually has a life outside JT. Steve is still managing our finances and we’re going to be audited by the IRS this year. Matt has spent over a year with us and still wants to be in the group, which tells you something about basses and intelligence. Lee adopted a dog and is making steady progress towards achieving a Man Bun.

Thanks to Augmented 8 for hosting this year. Let’s Make Spring Sing Great Again!