Spring Sing 2016

Rasmuson Theater
April 30

Augmented Eight

The Augmented 8 is pleased (and relieved) to welcome Spring Sing to the nation’s capital. After years arguing about whether to include contemporary music (that is, anything written within the past 30 years), Aug8 decided to set an example for the US Congress by compromising. We’ll present Bill Cline’s “Rat Pack Medley,” Tom Bulleit’s “Disney Dreams,” which is a medley of favorite Disney songs covering more than 50 years, and a mashup of “Gone Gone Gone” by Phillip Phillips and the “cup song” from Pitch Perfect by Anna Kendrick. And, after years of envying everyone else’s Oak Thorne arrangements, we finally got up the nerve to ask him to arrange for us. The result: a beautiful and haunting “Here's That Rainy Day.”

In February, we held our our 24th annual concert, “Sing Out for Shelter,” to raise money for charities that support the homeless in Washington, DC. We’re proud to have raised well over $250,000 since the start of this series! And, like everyone else, we’re watching the run up to the 2016 national election and wondering if we’ll apply for next year’s Spring Sing from Canada. Eh?