Spring Sing 2016

Rasmuson Theater
April 30


The musical selections for this year’s Spring Sing spell Trouble. While we’ve reduced our average group age with two new members, some of us have had to get up to speed on 21st century grammar and reclaiming the English language. In the late summer we drafted a second soprano from an outdoor gig on a hospital rooftop. Francine is the mother of triplet teenage boys- she was looking for an escape. In January we inducted another second soprano from a high school reunion. Carrie comes with her own cadre of resources: discount wine, artistry, computer skills and quick learning. In February, we “lost” Annie to a new job in Chicago but she is a loyalist- commuting by car, bike, train, Skype and mental telepathy.

As for the rest of us, Noteworthy continues to count its blessings. We keep singing around town, surprising ourselves as well as our audiences. This year in particular, we unconsciously reached for higher heights with the encouragement of amazing musical coaches and arrangers. And of course, each Tuesday night we strengthen our sisterhood, compliments of chardonnay, chocolate, couch therapy and ear training.