Spring Sing 2016

Rasmuson Theater
April 30

Lake Shore Jive

Hi friends! For those keeping count, Lake Shore Jive turned 21 this year! Hooray, we're finally legal to drink at these events! (Well, maybe not Saumit.) We are super excited to be a part of this year's fabulous Spring Sing in DC and are looking forward to hosting next year's weekend extravaganza... in... (wait for it...)

LSJ has made it our collective mission to prove that the perfect mix of lawyers, teachers, musicians, designers, consultants, and baton-twirling ninjas can produce some pretty kickass harmony and the occasional dance routine. Not enough to quit our day jobs... yet.

(Still waiting...)

This year, you'll hear a variety of awesome arrangements from several of our members, both current and old. (That’s not an age joke... Those are reserved for Jason Sperling). You’ll also see multiple folks directing said songs. The best part of having so many uber-talented arrangers and musicians in Jive (aside from Melissa’s joy that she can relaaaax and be the proud mama hen)... is the flexibility it allows us to perform a wide range of music, showcasing both our singing abilities and our lovely arranging skills. (And, lest we neglect our many other talents – did we mention our new gal Michelle is an aspiring yogi?) Still waiting? Good. You'll just have to wait ‘til our presentation at the end of our set. :)