Spring Sing 2016

Rasmuson Theater
April 30


For those new to Spring Sing: Cahoots, a bit of an enigma, is both the organization’s only quartet and the only group audacious enough to live in three different states— outside Rochester, New Haven, and Trenton. No, despite their suspiciously similar last names, Patty and David aren’t married or related, though David quite like is a distant cousin of Patty’s husband, V . B. And no, Nancy and George, despite their undeniably dissimilar last names, are not unmarried to each other.

A major achievement this year: persuading Ma Nature not to force cancelation of any of the group’s seven monthly rehearsals. Another: the group’s 20th or so concert for the benefit of Princeton Friends School, cofounded by Nancy in 1987. Cahoots is pleased indeed to help Spring Sing bring harmony—for at least one weekend—to Washington, DC.