Spring Sing 2016

Rasmuson Theater
April 30


This is a year of transition for the Counterparts. We were surprised, shocked and saddened when Len Karabell announced his retirement from the Counterparts after Spring Sing 58 inBoulder. But we still had two tenors and a
tenor/baritone, so no worries! Then Jack Csaklos retired in October! Oh no!! One tenor and a tenor/baritone and two bass. We would recruit to fill out the ranks. But then, in February, Phil was forced into early retirement due to health issues!! Could we participate in Spring Sing with only one tenor?? Probably not. Thankfully, to the rescue, Scott Watson, a former Aug8 himself and now firmly entrenched in Philadelphia’s Orpheus Club, found us Ton Tsai. Tony agreed to join us for Spring Sing. Scott, then feeling the pangs of nostalgia, decided to play hooky from the Orpheus spring concert to augment our tenor section! Lindsay DuBarry is on ‘sabbatical’ (Long overdue) to enjoy a significant school reunion which she is hosting!

So, while rebuilding, we are delighted to be singing at Spring Sing 59!